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Join us as students launch into space, learn robotics, get help with their math and science homework, prepare for college, and train as tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. The TechTransport bus is designed with the aim of bringing technology to Lansing-area residents with limited access to home computers and the internet. ITEC expects to serve 2,500 individuals in the greater Capital region annually through TechTransport programs, starting in November 2016. Once up and running, TechTransport will provide:

The bus has three modes of operation

TechTransport is designed to showcase STEM learning in an engaging, high-impact learning environment. Our goal, as with all ITEC programs, is to provide students the kind of experience that will lead to academic and career explorations in STEM, particularly programming, engineering and science. Bus programs include 3-D printing, augmented reality, Kerbal Space Program, and the Space Launch Experience (with a focus on wave communication, in alignment with grade-level content expectations for 4th-8th grade students). We will also deliver programs in Lego Robotics, the Science and Art of Game Design, Raspberry Pi and more.

During the initial phases of the bus, we are holding 30-minute demonstrations using Kerbal Space Program, which are designed to inspire students to want more—more ITEC and more STEM learning. In KSP, students design and launch a rocket, navigate through space and successfully land on a distant planet. While they go through this process, they are given an introduction to the capabilities of the bus, including the 3-D printers, the experience lighting system and virtual reality using Google Cardboard.

This allows the instructor to focus on assisting students when they need it most. The game can be played by an individual up to twelve times, each time earning another badge to put on their Team Tech Transport Crew Sash. The game is entertaining to a general audience and set to a middle school skill level, though the software is designed to add increase or decrease the complexity of the challenges easily.

21st Century learning skills exercised in Team Tech Transport:

  • Computer Science
  • Language
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Scientific thinking
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Laboratory Science

What are some of the activities students will be doing?

  • Sample Testing
  • Video Logs
  • CADD and 3D printing
  • Virtual Reality
  • Constructing/Designing
  • Programming through Minecraft
  • Solving physics formulas
  • Playing!

What kinds of missions will teams perform?

  • Collecting rock samples on faraway planets
  • Communicating with Earth in need of assistance
  • Piloting a ship through dangerous areas
  • Constructing/Designing solutions for a city on a new planet

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